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Digital Triage System

     Organization :
Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer

            Country : Sweden
     Release time : 2019-01-29
           Industry : Electronic Information>Software
            Contact : Zong Yuren
                   Tel : +86 25 85485886


It is a Rapid Triage and Response System (RETTS), which ensures medical safety and medical quality by reducing the time for medical decisions such as first triage, vital signs monitoring, and sample collection.

Technological advantages:

It enables patients to get emergency-level diagnostic assessments based on actual parameters instantly.

Technological applications:

It is applied in emergency centers and ambulance systems. The company hopes to work with potential partners in scientific research institutions, enterprises, investment, insurance and other fields to digitally apply this triage system in the pre-hospital triage and triage calling system of Grade A hospitals and community hospitals, to effectively improve the safety of medical services and the working efficiency of hospitals.