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Geospatial Information Technology

     Organization :
Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer

            Country : The UK
     Release time : 2019-01-29
           Industry : Electronic Information>Communication
            Contact : Huang Cen
                   Tel : +86 25 85485890


The company is committed to developing state-of-the-art geospatial information technology, including innovative indoor and outdoor seamless positioning technology and geographic information service technology, aims to solve the problems of navigation and positioning, engineering monitoring and the relevant geographic information and space environment. The company owns the following technologies: 1. Structural health monitoring, which utilizes satellite navigation and positioning technology to perform health monitoring on bridge structures and high-rise buildings. 2. Unmanned driving research based on strong navigation and positioning technology. 3. Precision agriculture, high-precision navigation and positioning technology for agricultural vehicles and drones.

Technological applications:

Information technology, modern agriculture