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MOU for international cooperation sealed between Jiangsu S&T Exchange Center with Foreign Countries and Centre in China of the University of Sydney

Release time:2021-04-06

On March 30, an agreement for international cooperation was signed in Suzhou City between Jiangsu S&T Exchange Center with Foreign Countries and Centre in China of the University of Sydney. According to the document, the two centers have reached consensus in such activities as launching a lasting and stable exchanges and cooperation mechanism, intensifying communication with mutual visits, strengthening technology matchmakings, and offering mutual support.


Attendees at the signing ceremony were led by Zhao Zhiqiang, Director of both Productivity Center of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu S&T Exchange Center with Foreign Countries, Michael Milne, Executive Director of Centre in China of the University of Sydney, and Lin Xiaoming, Deputy Chief of both the CPC Working Committee and the Administration Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park.


Zhao Zhiqiang expressed the wish that the two centers can capitalize on the signature as the beginning of greater exchanges and cooperation in science and technology, more programs with social significance, greater responsibilities in communication and a growing magnet for innovation resources for Suzhou Industrial Park and the whole Jiangsu province at large.


Michael Milne commented that on the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of building diplomatic ties between Australia and China, the partnership among the University of Sydney, Suzhou Industrial Park and Jiangsu S&T Exchange Center with Foreign Countries can yield more fruit to reflect the profound significance of scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.


After the ceremony, attendees led by Zhao Zhiqiang visited the Centre in China where they talked with the students at the University of Sydney who were participants to a partner learning program undertaken in the Centre. Through the visit, they gained a better understanding of the functions of the Centre for cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural education, research and experiences and of its prominent role in linking the University with China. Lin Xiaoming said that Suzhou Industrial Park spares no effort to support the Centre in pursuing development and integrating itself into the ecosystem for technological innovation with quality resources.


The two centers will carry out comprehensive cooperation in lining up advanced technological programs and building innovation carriers, and offer services to Jiangsu industries in their innovation-driven development by applying quality scientific and technological results from the University of Sydney to Jiangsu.