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Center Director Zhao Zhiqiang Met the Vice President of the Association of British Chinese Professors and His Delegation

Release time:2019-04-12


On the morning of April 11th, Center Director Zhao Zhiqiang met Professor Dong Hongbiao, the vice president of the Association of British Chinese Professors, the research director of Royal Academy of Engineering, and the director of Material Innovation Center of the University of Leicester, and his delegation.

Director Zhao Zhiqiang introduced the basic information on open innovation in Jiangsu, as well as the main work which the Center was engaged in to support the construction of Jiangsu to be an innovation-type province, and provided high-quality science and technology service to Professor Dong Hongbiao and his delegation, and specially highlighted the technology transfer development plan which the Center is focusing on, as well as its online and offline service abilities and service means. Director Zhao pointed out that there was huge cooperative potentiality in the aspect of international technology transfer between the Center and the Association, and both parties had strong complementarities, and in the future, they would further discuss the cooperation mechanism to realize the accurate matching of innovation resources.

Professor Dong Hongbiao highly affirmed the scientific and technological innovation service practically conducted by the Center. He said, the Chinese professors in the Association in the UK nearly covered all disciplines, and the professors and their scientific research teams were huge innovation resources, which were also significant intelligent resources active in the academic world of the UK. Professor Dong expects to strengthen the technology exchange with the industrial circle of China by cooperating with the Center, thus to jointly promote the industrialization of high-quality projects of UK universities in Jiangsu.

In the meeting, the Center and the Association reached a cooperation intention and also explored the joint construction of innovation platforms and carriers to provide professional service for the matching of high-quality innovation resources in the UK with the parks and enterprises in Jiangsu, and for the implementation of technology project cooperation.

It is reported that the Association of British Chinese Professors was founded in London, England in 2018. As a non-profit professional association registered in the UK, it has attracted over 500 Chinese professors in over 170 universities in the UK to join in, and has been dedicated to promoting comprehensive communication and cooperation between China and the UK in the aspects of science and technology, education and also culture, and providing professional consultation for the government, academic world, and industrial circle of China and the UK.