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2019 China (Jiangsu) - UK Modern Agricultural Technology Project Cooperation and Exchange Meeting Was Successfully Held in Nanjing

Release time:2019-03-18


On March 14th, the 2019 China (Jiangsu) - UK Modern Agricultural Technology Project Cooperation and Exchange Meeting was successfully held in Nanjing. Over 200 people, including the representatives of 30 well-known colleges and universities, and enterprises in the field of modern agriculture from the UK, the representatives of 140 enterprises and scientific research institutions in relevant fields from our province participated in this cooperation and exchange activity.

Supported by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, British Embassy in China, Science and Innovation Network of UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Innovate UK, this activity was co-sponsored by Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer, and Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. Duan Xiong, the deputy director-general of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department; Yi Zhongyi, the president of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Gareth Taylor, the consul of scientific and technological innovation in the British Consulate-General in Shanghai and Ian Warwick Holmes, the head of agricultural science and technology and biology in Innovate UK gave speeches in the meeting, and introduced the innovation advantages and latest news in the modern agricultural field of Jiangsu and the UK respectively to the representatives of organizations participating in the meeting. The representatives of 15 high-tech enterprises in the field of modern agriculture in the UK and ten well-known colleges and universities gave the project road shows one by one. There were 209 groups of one-to-one technological cooperation and communication arranged on the activity site, and in the enthusiastic communication atmosphere on the site, 53 of them have reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

After the meeting, the representatives from the UK went to Nanjing Baima National Agricultural Science and Technology Park to visit Jiangsu Aomai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Zelang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. and Baima Teaching and Scientific Research Base of Nanjing Agricultural University, and deeply communicate the topics both parties are interested in, such as feed additives, food plant extractive etc.

The enterprises and scientific research institutions in the province actively responded to this exchange meeting, which further deepened both parties’ mutual understanding in the field of modern agriculture, and laid a foundation for the substantial project cooperation between both parties in the future.