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System for “Inspection (Monitoring) and Diagnosis of Mass Concrete”

1. Project name: System for “Inspection (Monitoring) and Diagnosis of Mass Concrete”

2. Project content: Monitoring, diagnosing and evaluating mass concrete infrastructure by advanced technology is an important link to ensure its smooth and effective operation and avoid safety accidents, and also a major scientific and technological problem that is urgently needed to be solved in the fields of international civil engineering and mechanics. A breakthrough needs to be made in the four key technical elements such as damage and degradation numerical simulation, real-time monitoring, condition diagnosis and performance evaluation to solve the technological problem. However, the existing domestic isolated research on the four technical elements leads to the islanding of the technological achievements made, there is a lack of systematic research to solve the entire problem.

The team of School of Civil Engineering, Brno University, is mainly engaged in researches on concrete structure safety, reliability analysis and performance evaluation of bridge structure. So far, the group has published more than 250 papers and three monographs. It has also developed the international bridge analysis software FReET. The world-renowned structural safety analysis and performance evaluation software FReET developed by this team has been widely promoted in the EU industry and applied to many major engineering structures. The civil engineering major of Brno University of Technology led by the team has a high academic status in the field of concrete structure engineering research, and this discipline is one of the disciplines of the Brno University of Technology. Researchers are in the leading position in the European Union and world-class in the field of stochastic computational mechanics and nonlinear finite element analysis of concrete structure. They have made internationally recognized innovative achievements in the safety and reliability analysis of concrete structure, risk assessment, stochastic computational modeling, and quasi-brittle material models, etc. They have served as a member of the Scientific Committee of the Brno University of Technology, the Engineering Society of the Czech Republic, the Czech Mechanics Society, the International Associations including FraMCoS, IASSAR, IABMAS, as well as a member of the International Federation for the Safety and Performance of Concrete Structure, with a high academic status in the field of civil engineering in the European Union. They have technical advantages in stochastic computational mechanics and damage and degradation analysis of concrete structure. They have the independently researched and developed reliability analysis software FReET and the collaboratively developed simulated concrete damage and degradation software ATENA.

Since 2013, this team has carried out substantive cooperation with Hohai University for 8 years, and they have jointly applied for/obtained the 41st, 42nd and 43rd China-Czech Intergovernmental Science and Technology Cooperation Regular Meetings, the “High-end Foreign Expert Program (Culture and Education)” in 2014 and 2017, “‘The Belt and Road’ Education, Science, Culture and Health Key Intelligence Introduction Program”, etc. Relying on the above-mentioned programs, 13 “The Belt and Road” academicians and experts are introduced to form the Jiangsu foreign expert studio for “‘The Belt and Road’ Infrastructure Safety and Health” and the international joint research center for the “China-Central and Eastern Europe Water-related Infrastructure Safety and Health”. The center gathered Chinese-Central and Eastern Europe universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises to carry out international scientific and technological collaborations to tackle key problems, proposed concrete bridge condition evaluation and health monitoring technology supported by artificial intelligence-big data-cloud computing (ABC technology), and developed a monitoring, diagnosis and evaluation system for large-scale concrete structure. They have won the Sino-European Science and Technology Cooperation Innovation Dragon-STAR Gold Award, jointly published 40 high-level papers, and cultivated 10 international talents. The center has become a highland of wisdom to carry out collaborative research on key issues of infrastructure safety and health of China-Central and Eastern Europe.

3. Cooperating organizations: Brno University of Technology, Hohai University, Jiangsu Donghua Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

4. Key points of cooperation:  ATENA software owned by the Czech side is the basic support software for solving key technical problems. The Institute of Structural Mechanics, School of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, ranks among the top in the world in the performance evaluation of concrete structure, and has successfully developed the reliability analysis software FReET for concrete structure. Through collaboration with Czech size, the domestic analysis system independently developed by the Jiangsu scientific research institution and enterprise will be further improved, so as to greatly enhance the professional capabilities and competitiveness in the field of large-scale concrete structure safety in Jiangsu Province, win a wider application market at home and abroad, and create more economic benefits. The Sino-Czech joint team jointly developed a system for “inspection (monitoring) and diagnosis of mass concrete” and was funded by the “Jiangsu-Czech Bilateral Funding Program” (1 million yuan for the Chinese side and 2.4 million yuan for the Czech side). In the past two years, through collaborative innovation researches, the DH59 and DH38 series products of Jiangsu Donghua Testing Technology Co., Ltd. have been improved, the measurement dimension and accuracy have been increased, and upgrades have been made. The system has been successfully applied to the health diagnosis and performance evaluation of 21 super-large bridges in Jiangsu Province such as Sutong Bridge and Runyang Bridge, bringing economic benefits of more than 32 million yuan.

5. Signing date: July 2021