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The Outlook of Biotechnology Industry in Jiangsu

1. Development of Biotechnology Industry in Jiangsu

(1) Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Key economic indices have taken the leading position for consecutive 7 years in the country

Sales revenue in 2007 reached RMB 73.5 billion, 11.5% of the national total

Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Wyeth, Lilly Pharmaceutical, etc. have established their
local operation here

Jiangsu enterprises have kept good momentum of development

(2) Industrial Biotechnology

The output of bio-butylacohol ranks the top in the country

The industry of bio-ethanol also has certain scale now

The industrial chain of biomass power generation equipment manufacturing has taken shape

The output of fermenting industry occupies 1/6 of the national total

The market of industrial enzyme products ranks the first in the country

(3) Agricultural Biotechnology

Three enterprises have become national top 50 in the seed industry

The market of bio-pesticide ranks the top in the country

The scale of bio-products for animal takes the leading position in the country

The output of the enterprises of marine bio-medicine occupies 37.4% of the national total

(4) Environmental Biotechnology

One of the key bases of national environmental protection industry

The technology and equipment of waste water bio-treatment is advanced in the country

The market of high efficiency bio-treatment reactor ranks the first in the country

(5)  Bio-information Technology

GE, Siemens, OMRON, etc. have established their local operation here

A series of key products with independent intellectual property rights in color Doppler three-dimensional
supersonic image diagnosis, supersonic treatment of tumor, sub-molecular laser human eye image
difference rectification, etc. have been developed

The market of high efficiency bio-treatment reactor ranks the first in the country

2. Suggestions on Future Cooperation in Biotechnology Fields

(1) Medicine

Antibody for treatment

Synthetic peptide vaccine

Nucleic acid medicine

Genetic engineering medicine

Protein medicine

High-tech bio-reagent

Human source technology

Cell expression technology

Technology of progressive release medicine

Large scale cell cultivating, separating and purifying technology

Tissue and cell engineering technology

Green manufacturing technology of pharmaceutical intermediates

(2) Industry

Biomass new type energy fuel

New type industrial enzyme products

High additional value bio-based fine chemicals

New bio-based materials

Industrial enzyme scale expression technology

Industrial micro-organism quick selecting and modification technology

Micro-organism metabolizing control and fermenting optimization technology

Green producing technology of bio-based products

High efficiency separating technology

(3) Agriculture

Bio-seed industry


Bio-organic fertilizer

New type bio-feed and additives

Food micro-state products

Modern tissue cultivation and genetic engineering technology

Embryo and animal genetic engineering technology

High efficiency extracting technology of natural active components

Food enzyme catalyzing and transforming technology

Molecular modification technology

Bio-membrane separating and extracting technology

(4) Environment

Essential equipment of water pollution bio-treatment

New type high efficiency compound reactor

Plant material of eco-restoring function

High efficiency micro-organism enhancing technology

Scale expansion and cultivation technology of functional plant

Construction of polluted micro-organism gene bank

(5) Information

High quantitative bio-chip

Low cost quick DNA sequence testing tool

Molecular image probe

Digital high power ray treatment device

Network and system of life health monitoring

Contrast medium of medical image

Bio-compatibility material

Bio-marking and functional molecule selecting

Single cell probing and testing

Gene and protein lattice

Bio-information sensor

Medical signal and image treatment

Outfield interfering technology