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Optoelectronic Materials

Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer

               Country: China
        Release time: 2018-04-10
              Industry: New Materials>High Performance Fiber

Demand Description:

    The company is the leading enterprise in the domestic film industry and the world's only optoelectronic materials enterprise with a whole industry chain and high concentration. There are six major business divisions of large touch screen, flexible materials, decoration materials, extrusion materials, coating materials and display materials, and four major manufacture centers of window membrane, sputtering, mould and resin, owning a complete core technology from optical design, ultra-precision mould processing, optical film manufacturing to the development of special materials. Products have strong competitiveness, widely used in the fields of display, decoration, automobile building insulation and 3D smart display.

Cooperative Intent:

    Establish cooperation with prestigious universities, institutions and enterprises in the field of flexible sensing, flexible photovoltaic, flexible display, printed electronics, etc.