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Polymer physical foaming technology.

Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer

               Country: China
        Release time: 2018-04-13
              Industry: New Materials>Nanomaterials ,  New Materials>New Chemical Materials ,  New Materials>Inorganic Materials
               Contact: LIU Li
                      Tel: +86 25 85485874

Demand Description:

The Jiangsu Company is located in Tangshan New Town, Nanjing,Registered capital 20 million.As a demonstration unit of the World Environmental Protection Organization, a national hi-tech enterprise and a building energy-saving advantage enterprise in Jiangsu Province, Feininger has undertaken the Demonstration Project of the United Nations Multilateral Fund, the United Nations Development Program and China's Ministry of Environmental Protection for global XPS industry foaming agent.the Company obtained the Letter of Share Transfer System of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Cooperative Intents

Technology Requirements:With polyimide (Pei) supercritical carbon dioxide extrusion foaming technology advanced teaching research level and With the realization of thermoplastic physical foaming laboratory equipment.

Potential Partner Requirements:The experience of the industrial production of thermoplastic plastic foaming industry.