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Technological Consultation for MTR Train Traction Systems Integration

Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer

               Country: China
        Release time: 2017-12-05
              Industry: Others>Others

To analyze the user’s technology needs of the subway train; To establish the documents system of train technology design; To evaluate the technical design of traction system; To evaluate the procurement specifications of electrical parts; To analyze the subsystems supplier's technical specifications; To establish RAMS plan, To make failure mode and effect (FMEA) analysis and analysis of disaster (FMECA); To establish EMC control plan; To evaluate the technical parameters of traction system.

Expected Targets and Technical Indices :

It will help the design of subway train to meet the requirements of RAMS through this project, to guarantee their train’s no fault average operating time (MTBF) are more than 200 hours, or guarantee the train’s MDBF are more than 125,000 Km. Ensure that the train internal electromagnetic environment compatibility, Overall electromagnetic environment does not interfere with the ATC lines signal and does not cause physical harm.