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Center Profile

Jiangsu Centre of International Technology Transfer - JITTC is a public funded organization for technology transfers. Under the direct leadership of Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Provincial Government, the centre is devoted to fulfill the needs of the enterprises here with the latest technologies from abroad, further their commercialization, and boost the globalization of Jiangsu’s economy.

Our Missions:


• Global Reach
Through our network construction, JITTC aims for access to the latest trends of the world’s advanced technologies that meet the demands of Jiangsu's industries.


• List your Technology
Developers can use JITTC to reach audience of potential technology buyers and licensees in Jiangsu province. From small developers posting single listings, to large organizations publishing extensive catalogs, JITTC provides the platform to market technologies of all types.


• Open Platform
JITTC is an open platform designed to help companies and intermediaries enhance their service offerings. Working with JITTC, companies and technology transfer professionals are free to focus on transactions rather than researching and prospecting. We want to further cooperate with famous foreign R&D institutions and technology transfer organizations to build up a platform for international technology transfer and technological achievements transactions.


• Unique Resources
With the support of Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Provincial Government, JITTC can reach more buyers, licensees and facilitate the commercialization of the technology in Jiangsu province.