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Jiangsu Science and Technology Department and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Sign MOU on Promoting Innovation Cooperation

Release time:2017-06-09

On June 7, Wang Qin, the general director of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department met with the delegation from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as St. Polytechnic University) which was led by the principal and academician Rutskoi · Andre. The general director Wang Qin and the principal Rutskoi · Andre, on behalf of their respective parties, signed the memorandum of understanding on promoting innovation cooperation.

At the meeting, general director Wang Qin briefed about the international innovative cooperation in Jiangsu and indicated that Jiangsu pays much attention to the cooperation with governments, universities, science and technology institutes and enterprises in Russia and gives support to help the Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer and St. Polytechnic University promote international cooperation between Jiangsu Province and the St. Polytechnic University in fields of transfer and transformation of scientific research and technology, technology industrialization, etc. Wang thanked for the effort done by the principal Rutskoi · Andre and the St. Polytechnic University in promoting the scientific and technologic innovation cooperation between two regions. The principal Rutskoi · Andre spoke highly of the Department for its contribution to the bilateral cooperation and the application of technologic and industrial advantages in Jiangsu. He explicitly indicated that Jiangsu is one of the important regions where the St. Polytechnic University develops cooperation with China in fields of scientific research, innovative technology, high-end talents, etc.

When signing the MOU, both parties, with consensus, agreed to accelerate the establishment of comprehensive exchanges and cooperation between St. Polytechnic University and Jiangsu province in fields of basic scientific research, technologic development, talent cultivation, etc., promote St. Polytechnic University to build an international innovative platform in Jiangsu, boost industrialization of cooperation programs in field of associated research and development and technology transfer, and construct a channel for normalized communication of high-end professionals.

The signing of this memorandum of understanding marks a formal establishment of close cooperation between the Jiangsu Science and Technology Department and the St. Polytechnic University.