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Jiangsu Enterprises Visit Israel and Denmark

Release time:2017-06-05

Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer organized a delegation constituted by 18 people from 6 high-tech enterprises and 3 professional research institutes of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute to visit Israel to join in the matchmaking and exchange activities from May 23 to May 25 for the purpose of participating in the 16th Israel Biological Medicine Exhibition and further accelerating the implementation of Jiangsu-Israel Industrial R&D Cooperation Program at the invitation of Israel Innovation Authority.

The delegation mainly attended the 16th Israel Biological Medicine Exhibition and participated in one-to-one negotiation activity specially arranged by Israel Innovation Authority for Jiangsu delegation. There were 68 pairs of one-to-one negotiations between Jiangsu’s enterprises and the Israeli ones. The Jiangsu enterprises were attracted by novel technologies such as injection for skin cancer, sustained-release device in lacrimal gland, face recognition, etc. Some enterprises might think about making equity investments to or acquiring Israeli enterprises or carrying out R&D cooperation programs with Israeli enterprises. Both sides reached 9 cooperation intentions, according to the preliminary statistics, and expressed their readiness for further negotiation and cooperation.

During the business trip, the delegation also visited the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Yissum Technology Transfer Company of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Israeli NOVAMED, Co., Ltd. and etc.

Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer and delegation of enterprises went to Denmark to participate in matchmaking, exchange and investigation activities from May 26 to May 30 at the invitation of Copenhagen Capacity of Denmark. The Copenhagen Capacity introduced circum-Copenhagen economic region, health industry aggregate, biological medicine valley and otherwise to the delegation and invited 3 medical instrument companies to make information release. The delegation paid visit to the COBIS as well.

This activity has come to a successful conclusion with anticipated results.