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Jiangsu Enterprises Visit Canada and the USA

Release time:2017-05-26

Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer organized a delegation constituted by 13 people from 10 high-tech enterprises to visit Canada and the United States to participate in the program matchmaking and exchange activities from May 14 to May 22 for the purposes of participating in the 6th Annual China-Canada (Ontario) Research and Innovation Collaboration Forum and further accelerating the implementation of Jiangsu-Ontario Industrial R&D Cooperation Program and so as to fully exploit and match high-tech and innovative resources in San Francisco Bay Area, USA at the invitation of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science of Ontario in Canada and San Francisco Bay Area Council in the USA.

The delegation mainly attended the 6th Annual China-Canada (Ontario) Research and Innovation Collaboration Forum and 12th Ontario High-tech Exhibition which attracted more than hundreds of Canadian (Ontario’s) enterprises, universities and scientific institutes to participate in. The activities were held with the focuses on fields of bioscience, information technology, clean technology, new materials, etc. Members of Jiangsu delegation carried out more than 80 pairs of one-to-one negotiations with universities, institutes and enterprises from Ontario and reached nearly 10 preliminary cooperation intentions.

In addition, according to the need of business trip, the delegation visited the University of Waterloo and its incubator, McMaster University in Canada and San Francisco Bay Area Council in the United States. In the University of Waterloo, the delegation visited the Research Institute of Nanotechnology Engineering and made technology matchmaking and communication with relevant professors and experts. During their visit to the Innovative Incubator of the University of Waterloo, the delegation learnt about its innovative conception and operation mode and they felt the strong innovative atmosphere of the university. In the McMaster University, the delegation visited the Water Treatment Center and Laboratory of Engineering Research and Development and they made in-depth communication about technology with professors as well. In the San Francisco Bay Area Council in the United States, Mr. Del Christensen, the director of Global Commerce Department, introduced the San Francisco Bay Area Council and innovative resources to the delegates. Showing strong interests, the enterprises of delegation were looking forward to establish a channel of long-term matchmaking and exchange cooperation with high-tech enterprises in Bay Area.

The content of this business trip is diversified, which has gained highly appreciation from delegates from Jiangsu. The participants expressed that they had not only negotiated with local enterprises on cooperation projects but also made field inspection on new research achievements in top science and research institutes of North America. They have broadened their horizons which will be of great guiding significance to future development and orientation of enterprise.