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Measuring Air Speed

No.D170119002     Australia    |     Intelligent Manufacturing and Advanced Equipment    |     2017-01-19

Technology Overview
The COPLASS system is a laser based airspeed sensor for aeroplanes. It uses a laser to non-intrusively measure the airspeed of the flow between two points. COPLASS is not reliant on specific atmospheric conditions and does not require the introduction of any material to the airstream. This system provides a more robust and reliable method of sensing compared to current Pitot tube technologies.

1、Simple Design
2、Improved Safety
3、Overcomes flaws in current standards
4、Uses optics and electronics rather than mechanical
5、Measurement rates up to 15 kHz
6、Measures speeds down to 5 m/s

Military, Commercial Airplane

Cooperative Intent:
This technology is available for collaborative research opportunities. The technology is also available for license to companies and individuals.


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