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Technologies on detection of cyanobacteria

No.D170119003     China    |     Clean Technologies and Urbanization    |     2017-01-19

Demand Description:
The Jiangsu Company located in Dongshan international development zone, Jiangning district, Nanjing, is founded in 2001. The Jiangsu Company which covering an area of 3.3 acres with construction area of 17000 square meters and the registered capital 30.05 million RMB, average annual output value of 40 million RMB, is a modern production base as China's first high tech and software enterprise specialized in researching, producing and selling of water environment automatic online analytical instrument, also Jiangsu Company is a national high-tech projects and professional committee unit of China environmental monitoring instruments.
Core Business & Area of Expertise:
Water quality analysis instrument, water quality on-line monitoring instrument
Main Products / Services:
COD, NH3-N, total phosphorus, heavy metals and other 29 water quality on-line monitoring instrument products The need to rapidly, accurately, and inexpensively detect biological pathogens in water is a growing priority for every municipality in the world. Growing populations along with augmented scarcities of water in many areas facilitate requires to monitor water quality before bacteria grows to create harmful algal blooms (HABs) that contaminate freshwater sources. Cyanobacteria can be especially problematic in the area where the growth of bacteria causes massive surface blooms (cyanoHABs) in the epilimnion of euphotic, nutrient-enriched bodies of water worldwide. The World Health Organization proposed that as little as 1μg/L microcystin-LR can be hazardous to human health, and as such, the need for a real-time, highly sensitive monitoring system is of utmost importance. This project focuses on the development of an on-line cyanobacteria analyzer, which will aim to provide real-time analysis of cyanobacteria concentration, in order to halt cyanobacterial growth before harmful blooms occur. This project will result in reductions in water-borne diseases and deaths, as well as ameliorated amount of safe drinking and irrigation water worldwide.


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