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Introduction and Breeding of New Varieties of Plants

No.D130600020     China    |     Modern Agriculture    |     2013-04-17

Demand Description:

The company is specialized in the breeding of new varieties of high-end vegetables, fruits, and flowers, development and application of new technologies, and eco-tourism. In order to further improve the technological level, the company is keen to cooperate with agricultural research institutes, seedling breeding companies or biotechnology companies. It intends to use bio-genetic and other means to breed high-quality seeds and seedlings which are disease and insect resistant, and suitable for the local natural conditions.

Proposed joint R&D projects include:
1. Breed high-quality grapes and other fruits with biological genetic technology.
2. Breed disease and insect-resistant tomatoes with biological genetic technology.
3. Develop new varieties of high yield insect-resistant greenhouse pumpkins.
4. Breed new varieties of fruit peppers with biological genetic technology.
5. Breed precious plants such as yew with tissue culture and other biotechnologies.
6. Breed vegetables and flowers which have immunity to pest with biotechnologies.


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