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Connector Terminal High Speed Plating

No.D130203006     China    |     New Materials and Nanotechnology    |     2013-04-17

Demand Description:

The company is engaged in connector manufacture. It is currently doing research on connector terminal high speed plating and looking for the NiW plating process and deposit with the following properties:

-High plating deposit rate similar to Sulfamate Ni;
-Plating thickness ranges from 1.27 to 2.54 um within around 15 sec plating time for high speed RTR plating;
-Stable W% content in deposit;
-Excellent corrosion resistance;
-Excellent wear resistance;
-As connector needs to apply current, especially for power connector, temperature rise is a big concern if the resistivity from NiW is too high;
-No porosity from NiW;
-No cracks from NiW;
-Good ductility and can be used for 2nd forming and bending after plating;
-Stable chemical process and easy and friendly to be operated.


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