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Psyllium Fiber Shaving Lotion

No.D080200006     USA    |     New Materials and Nanotechnology    |     2008-06-26

A shaving preparation aid with ingredients for lubricating the skin, extending razor edge life and post-shave skin conditioning. A basic water-alcohol mix is further combined with an edible, dietary or otherwise soluble or wetable mucilate, preferably psyllium fiber, to realize, in this fundamental form, a combination sufficient to achieve the aforesaid properties. Other substances are disclosed such as polyether(s), vitamin E (tocopherol), glycerol, lecithin and perfumes that, in combination with the basics, serve to promote one property over the others or add more aesthetic character to the invention. The compositiors are applied to the skin as both pre- and post-shave conditioners, as well as to the blade edge for preservation.


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